TracyEvans-cTracy M. Evans, Esq., an associate at Saxon Gilmore, was successful in appealing the case where Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the homeowner.

Michelle Gray had a home built in 2005. The house was poorly constructed. Rain began seeping in and destroying drywall and rotting wooden trusses. Ms. Gray had hired several lawyers to help her win the battle against the contractor, with no success. She tried the case on her own, but had a $168,000 jury verdict reduced to $16,000 on a motion for remittitur.

Saxon|Gilmore stepped forward after learning of the case from a Tampa Tribune article, and took the appeal on for no fee.

“We are happy we were able to obtain this result for her,” Evans said, “but it’s unfortunate that so many years had to go by to get the relief she deserved.”

For more information about the case, go to the Tampa Tribune article: