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Eminent Domain and Condemnation

The Eminent Domain and Condemnation Group at Saxon|Gilmore is a well-rounded group of attorneys with the necessary experience to advise property owners through all aspects of the condemnation process, and litigate their rights to full compensation in all state and federal courts. As the government continues to improve its existing roads, as well as construct new roads and other public facilities, eminent domain law has become much more than mere compensation for the land taken and requires a special skill set to negotiate the myriad of issues which may arise. Our attorneys and the team of consultants and experts they use, are well-equipped to advise on access, parking, site circulation, visibility, storm water management, building codes and other such issues that arise as a result of a taking. With many years of trial and real estate experience, our team of attorneys are able to critically analyze a broad range of issues, take steps to protect the interests of our clients, and address even the most sophisticated transactions and complex regulatory takings issues.

Our team also handles inverse condemnation matters where government action amounts to a taking of property, although the government has not formally set out to do a taking. These matters include actual physical invasion of the property (e.g. flooding) and regulation of property that goes beyond the government’s police power, rendering a property devoid of substantially all economic use. Our attorneys have significant experience working and negotiating with many governmental agencies involved in all facets of the condemnation process, and work efficiently with a variety of consultants and other professionals to negotiate with these agencies and to compile and provide the necessary documentation and information required to achieve the optimal results for our clients.

Our team is also available to handle condemnation matters for private utilities and other such entities with the power of eminent domain, as well as matters for local governments.

We promptly and effectively evaluate each situation and advise our clients on a broad range of matters to maximize their potential benefit including:

  • Due diligence
  • Eminent domain and condemnation
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Property rights