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Entertainment Law

Saxon|Gilmore attorneys represent a variety of entertainers, mostly within the music business and specializes in representing drummers and other sidemen in all aspects of their professional career including band agreements, endorsements, contract drafting, negotiation and review, business plans, incorporation, title search, management, and publishing.

Saxon|Gilmore also has a strategic professional relationship and the ability to liaise with one of the country’s leading intellectual property firms and through that relationship can provide advice on copyright and intellectual property law.

We can help by taking steps to properly develop your projects and negotiate and legally secure your interests in:

  • Contracts
  • Partnerships and business associations
  • Endorsements
  • Personal appearances
  • Recording and touring projects
  • Intellectual property
  • Illegal use of celebrity image

Our firm has a thorough, comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations in the state of Florida and many other states. We will ensure that all legal issues are in order, which saves our clients time and money by avoiding costly delays that can adversely affect a project.