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Saxon Gilmore & Carraway, P.A.

A full service business and litigation law firm, which is minority/woman owned.

Celebrating 18 years!
November 1, 2021

We all have some opinions and thoughts about what has been happening in our country, and more directly right outside our windows here over the last several weeks, with the protests concerning police actions. To some of us, those actions and reactions are more personal than others. Regardless of where you may stand on the issues that are being raised, it is my opinion that at least these protests have led to much needed dialogue and the beginnings of some much needed changes. The diversity that I have noticed among the peaceful protesters is I think an indication of how much some of the issues resonate in our total society, not just one segment that may be disproportionately affected.

Saxon Gilmore & Carraway, P.A. began and still exists today based on diversity and a sense of comradery similar to family. Just like any family, we might quarrel and disagree on occasion, but I believe we have and always have had mutual respect among everyone at every level. I am very proud of that! With that being said, there is always room for improvement. I want to thank Frazier, our only non-minority equity partner, for bringing to Bernice’s and my attention the recognition of Juneteenth that another firm has chosen to make. Even though the significance of Juneteenth to African-Americans was not taught in any school I attended while growing up, as I assume is the case for each of you, I became aware and started celebrating Juneteenth later in my life. I want to take a minute to provide a short history of its meaning. President Abraham Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862 (it became effective January 1, 1863) which freed the slaves. Juneteenth is actually the celebration of the day (June 19, 1865) that a Union general read aloud military orders in Texas declaring that all slaves in that state were free. Over time, the holiday has come to include a celebration of the end of slavery generally. African-Americans sometimes refer to Juneteenth as our Independence Day. Let me stress that this in no way is meant to detract from the nation’s July 4th independence celebration.

So, why am I giving all of you this history lesson? It is because I am blessed to have fellow equity partners that are willing to recognize changes that may be appropriate at this moment in time. – Ric Gilmore, Equity Partner, Saxon Gilmore & Carraway, P.A.

Centrally located in Tampa, the firm practices throughout Florida, in all state and federal courts, with a primary focus on business structuring and restructuring, together with complex commercial litigation. Saxon|Gilmore also has extensive experience in public finance, governmental regulatory issues, creditors’ rights, eminent domain, real estate, entertainment law, products liability, environmental law and land use, construction law, and international trade law. With ten attorneys on staff, we are able to combine the talent, capabilities, and resources normally found in much larger organizations to critically evaluate a broad range of issues and structure our representation while providing the high level of professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness, and personal attention of a smaller firm.

The focus of Saxon|Gilmore is on the delivery of superior results-oriented client service. Through integrated practice groups, we focus our resources on the interests of our clients to assure access to the most appropriate legal representation. We identify each client’s unique needs to build efficient working relationships with our clients through clear and open communication, state-of-the-art support and information systems, attention to detail, and prompt and effective action. Our attorneys are energetic, knowledgeable and seasoned, with varied backgrounds and a wide range of experience, which is further enhanced by a skilled team of paraprofessionals and staff. To accommodate our clients’ varied needs, our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of legal disciplines.