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Insurance and Liability Defense Services

Saxon|Gilmore attorneys have extensive experience in all stages of representing its insurance carrier clients in both simple and complex legal matters related to all aspects of claims. This includes insurance coverage disputes, policy interpretation, application of policy exclusions, as well as first and third-party claims from initiation through trial, arbitration, mediation, and appeal throughout the state of Florida. Moreover, Saxon|Gilmore’s attorneys have a broad range of experience in many aspects of insurance and liability defense practices including:

• Premises
• Casualty
• Property
• Insurance coverage disputes
• Product liability
• Professional liability
• Errors and omissions
• Life and health insurance
• Surety bond litigation
• Subrogation
• Indemnification

Saxon|Gilmore’s attorneys have amassed substantial experience analyzing, investigating, pursuing, prosecuting, and defending professional liability, attorney malpractice, fidelity bond claims, CPA/auditor malpractice, appraiser malpractice, and other forms of fraud and malfeasance related to banking and lending, including representing the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Resolution Trust Corporation to successfully complete and settle investigations of professional liability claims arising from bank failures.

Our knowledgeable attorneys represent insurance carriers in disputes with homeowners and commercial insureds stemming from losses related to catastrophic claims including:

• Hurricane
• Windstorm
• Water and flood damage
• Mold

In addition, our attorneys have represented insureds, in cooperation with the insurance carrier, in negligent security cases, wrongful death, personal injury, environmental contamination claims, and construction defect claims, as well as claims for negligence and other tort-based claims

Although we counsel our insurance carrier clients on ways to avoid lawsuits, and we have successfully negotiated and settled cases through pre-suit mediation, sometimes litigation is necessary. Saxon|Gilmore has extensive experience in protecting our clients’ rights in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. Our approach to litigation is thoughtful, thorough, and practical. Each case is approached based on its specific facts and application of the law.

Our attorneys have the legal knowledge to analyze and develop litigation defense strategies and formulate creative approaches to reaching settlements, the trial experience and the resources to help clients appropriately evaluate, pursue, and/or defend, and resolve a variety of complex litigation matters. In addition, our legal staff has the technological resources needed to effectively address our clients’ legal requirements and are dedicated to providing effective and efficient case management, communication, document control, discovery management, and trial coordination.

Attorneys in this practice area
David J. Tong, Esq.
W. Robert Keller, Esq.
Paul M. Quin, Esq.
Kristina P. Belanger, Esq.
W. Andrew Benton, Jr., Esq.