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Environmental Law and Land Use

Environmental Law and Land Use

Saxon|Gilmore’s environmental, water, and land use expertise enables us to meet the needs of business and industry in the fast-emerging global economy. Our attorneys have represented a variety of companies with a myriad of environmental and land use issues, including state and local government law, real property transactions and property rights, master planned communities, regulatory compliance, construction and litigation, and are able to critically analyze environmental concerns and structure our negotiations to minimize any exposure to environmental liability.

Saxon|Gilmore has fashioned a strong team of attorneys skilled in environmental and water laws, regulations, permitting, compliance, and cleanup to guide our clients through the maze of local, state, and federal agencies impacting this practice area. Our attorneys have significant long-term working relationships with many governmental agencies involved in the planning, permitting, and zoning process, and work efficiently and effectively with a variety of consultants and other professionals to compile and provide documentation and information required to obtain the necessary approvals. We routinely appear before federal, state, and local authorities, including numerous public hearings, representing the interests of our clients. Our in-depth understanding, ability to negotiate effectively, and experience in working with a variety of clients, including commercial and private landowners, lenders, governmental authorities, developers, and contractors allows us to structure a transaction and work efficiently from the concept, due diligence, development, and financing phases through completion and management of each project. In addition, because the development of real estate projects has become increasingly complex and technical, we have consistently broadened our expertise to include not only traditional zoning work, but also virtually all aspects of regulatory permitting and approvals. Saxon Gilmore’s experience is broad-based and includes:

  • Air pollution permitting
  • Comprehensive land planning and developments of regional impact
  • Due diligence
  • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation
  • Enforcement litigation defense
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental litigation
  • Public infrastructure
  • Public-Private partnerships
  • Regulatory compliance, auditing, cleanup, and administrative enforcement
  • Real property acquisition and disposition
  • Vested rights determinations
  • Wastewater treatment plant permitting
  • Water resources permitting
  • Wetlands mitigation
  • Zoning, special use permits, platting, and subdivision approvals

Attorneys in this practice area
Paul M. Quin, Esq.
Gerald T. Buhr, Esq.