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Although we counsel our clients on ways to avoid lawsuits, and we have successfully negotiated and settled cases through pre-suit mediation, sometimes litigation is necessary. Saxon|Gilmore has extensive experience in protecting our clients’ rights in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. Our approach to litigation is thoughtful, thorough, practical, and, as needed, aggressive. Our attorneys have the trial experience, the legal knowledge to analyze and develop litigation defense strategies and formulate creative approaches to reaching settlements, and the resources to help clients appropriately evaluate, pursue, and/or defend, and resolve a variety of complex litigation matters. In addition, our legal staff has the technological resources needed to effectively address our clients’ legal requirements and are dedicated to providing effective and efficient case management, document control, discovery management, and trial coordination. The following is a sample of the areas in which Saxon|Gilmore has particular expertise:

Complex Litigation: Saxon|Gilmore attorneys have handled complex matters in a wide range of tort and other areas, including: product liability (Benlate, Fen-Phen, tobacco) actions; pharmaceutical, chemical, and herbicide claims; securities fraud; asbestos and silica exposure cases; medical malpractice actions; and aviation, railroad (FELA), and automotive cases. We routinely work with engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and medical and other experts. Our practice is based on decades of experience in front of judges and juries in a wide variety of venues. Our attorneys combine industry-specific knowledge with broad litigation experience to provide focused, sensitive, and responsive assistance to handle a variety of matters that may arise during the litigation process.

Corporate and Business Litigation: Saxon|Gilmore represents clients in matters such as contract and commercial disputes, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy matters, franchising and distribution questions, commercial insurance coverage disputes, securities litigation, antitrust, trademark and copyright infringement matters, corporate and individual employment-related issues including trade secrets, non-competition, proprietary rights and discrimination, professional and product liability, premises liability, administrative matters, and all phases of construction disputes.

Governmental Litigation: Saxon|Gilmore represents both private businesses and governmental entities, in all forms of governmental and administrative litigation including matters pending before federal and state departments and agencies, as well as local commissions, authorities, boards, and agencies, from evidentiary hearings through appeals. Our wide range of legal and policy experience in regulatory matters and administrative proceedings in today’s complex and ever-expanding regulatory environment enables us to provide a tailored, integrated approach involving legislative, rulemaking, permitting, and policy considerations, in addition to more traditional litigation options, in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

Insurance and Liability Defense Services: Saxon|Gilmore’s attorneys have a broad range of experience in many aspects of insurance and liability defense practices, including premises, casualty, products, and professional liability, ERISA, life and health insurance, errors and omissions, surety bond litigation, subrogation, indemnification, and contribution, bad faith litigation, and international insurance litigation and claims. Saxon|Gilmore’s attorneys have amassed substantial experience analyzing, investigating, pursuing, prosecuting and defending various matters related to professional liability, attorney malpractice, fidelity bond claims, CPA/auditor malpractice, appraiser malpractice, and other forms of fraud and malfeasance related to banking and lending, including working with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Resolution Trust Corporation to successfully complete and settle investigations of professional liability claims arising from bank failures.

Landlord/Tenant Actions: Saxon|Gilmore routinely addresses the rights and obligations of commercial landlords and tenants, and has significant experience in enforcing or defending the rights of parties in commercial lease disputes, including interpretation of leases, and litigation involving evictions, rent collection, claims for damages to premises, and virtually any issue in the context of the landlord/tenant relationship. We also specialize in representing owners and management companies in the affordable housing arena.